Lesson Fees

Lesson fees are paid through a series of post-dated cheques from September to June. Tuition covers 36 lessons averaged over the year with regular holidays observed. Some months will have 3 lessons while others will have 4 or 5, but a total of 36 lessons will be given over the ten-month period. New students have a trial period of 4 months to ensure the teacher/student relationship is working to everyone’s benefit.

A tax receipt is sent out in January for the previous year’s fees, this can be used to claim the CRA Children’s Arts Tax Credit.

  1. Studio Fee 
    A Studio Fee is collected in September and entitles the student to:

    • a Piano Workbook assignment book
    • two student recitals
    • two to three masterclasses
    • bronze, silver, and gold medals with engraving – earned through the memorization of pieces
    • access to the following items from the Studio’s lending library:
      • sight reading material
      • ear training CD’s
      • technique material

  3. Summer Session 
    Lessons are available during a 4-5 week period in July and August. Dates are sent out in early June for sign up. Attendance during the summer session is optional although advanced students expecting to play a January exam would be advised to take some lessons.