The following is a list of useful resources on a variety of topics relevant to students of the piano. All of the links will open in a new tab/window.

  1. Practising Aids
    • Interval Drills 
      A great resource for practicing intervals! Just select the intervals for your level, choose the direction (ascending or descending), click for each new example and it keeps a running tally of your score.
    • Drills for theory and ear training 
      Music is a detailed site for reading and ear training. Staff identification and Keyboard identification will strengthen reading skills while Ear Training will work on aural skills. If clarification is needed for theory principles, check out the Lessons


  2. Musical Health and Injury Prevention
    • Body Mapping 
      Body Mapping is the technique of using the body’s structure and natural motions to produce pain-free musical results. This site lists many valuable articles and resources, a must read for pedagogues and those suffering from repetitive strain injuries.
    • Piano Map 
      The Piano Map provides information to enhance the physical approach to the piano and avoid or recover from injury. The Articles and Techniques pages follow up with useful references.
    • Music and Health 
      Music and Health collates ideas on piano pedagogy, anatomy and biomechanics. The noted links provide opportunities for further reading on a variety of topics related to musicians’ health.
    • Musicians and Injuries 
      Musicians and Injuries focuses on injuries related to playing the piano (and other instruments) with links to a myriad of resources, books, videos etc.


  3. Exams, Events, Concerts

  5. General References
    • History of the Piano 
      The Piano Technicians’ Guide site details the piano’s general history and provides information on the various historical models. It’s a great resource to help put Baroque, Classical and early Romantic keyboard compositions in proper context.


  6. Local Area Music Stores 
    These local stores carry instruments and print music including the Piano Workbook Series.